Giorgos Mamakoukas | Digital Portfolio

National Robotics Week at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, April 2019

Brady Scholar Fellow
(2016 - 19)

The Brady Program in Ethics and Civic Life at Northwestern University is a selective scholarly community in which 16 undergraduates join together with graduate students and faculty to discuss political ethics and philosophical concepts and the application of these to local, national, and international communities. It combines a year-long examination of topics around moral political philosophy in small-classroom setting, exposure to a part of the world outside the U.S., and a capstone project that addresses social, economic, or political issues in the Evanston community.

Outreach at Museum of Science and Industry
(2015 - 19)

The Museum of Science and Industry and the Center of Robotics and Biosystems at Northwestern University together organize a 3-day Robot Block Party event at the museum during the annual National Robotics week. Since 2015, I attend, present to the public, and communicate my robotics research projects to hundreds of adults and children.

President of Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Society
(2016 - 18)

For two years, I served as the president of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Body at Northwestern University. During this time, I

Supervisor of Science Teaching Assistants
(2013 - 14)

After three years of serving as a Science Mentor (Physics and Math), I was promoted to the inagaural role of a "Meta-Mentor" to supervise and guide all science teaching assistants on improving their communication and teaching skills. Among others, I